We aspire to make each of your celebratory moments unique by presenting the highest quality products.


We bring the world renown experience of the Cipriani family in hospitality and the inimitable taste of the original Bellini and other drinks in your glasses.


Authenticity and quality

In 1948, in Venice, while the exhibition of Giovanni Bellini's masterpieces (called Giambellino) was being held, Giuseppe Cipriani created a cocktail based on sparkling white wine and white peach puree. That wine would one day be known to the general public as Prosecco, and that cocktail would become the world famous great icon it is today: the original Bellini Cipriani.


The delicate and elegant pink color reminded Giuseppe Cipriani of certain nuances that the famous Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini used in the guise of his characters.


The original Bellini Cipriani cocktail was born.


The original Bellini recipe prepared at the Harry's Bar restaurant in Venice requires a perfect balance between prosecco and white peach puree. It must must be Mediterranean and very fresh. Our bottled original Bellini offers the same harmony between dry and fruity aromas, but also between intensity and freshness.


Between the late 80s and early 90s, Arrigo Cipriani decided to start bottling the cocktail of good living, thus offering the world not only its sublime taste but also a hint of the art history of our glorious country.


It has a subtle straw yellow colour,

a refined fragrance with elegant floral notes and delicate fruity essences, an extraordinarily velvety flavour. Cipriani Prosecco, born from the best grapes hand-harvested in a dedicated vineyard, is a premium expression of the territory’s sparkling-wine attitude, joining quality excellence and style uniqueness.

"Prosecco is a sparkling wine coming from our territory. Prosecco is the base for most of our famous cocktails, such as the Bellini (with peach), the Tiziano (with uva fragola), the Mimosa (with orange) and the Rossini (with strawberry).

Today, Prosecco is recognised and appreciated everywhere in the world.
 At Cipriani, we would like to believe it 
 is so also because of our famous and inimitable Bellini.”


Cipriani Rosè is born from the nest grapes picked in a selected Pinot Noir vineyard. 

A special vine that gives structure, personality, complexity, and that is caressed by the touch 
 of a harmonious aromaticness, the Chardonnay one. Cipriani Rosè charms at first sight, thanks to its classic pink colour, shining through the brilliance of a fine bead. Its pleasant fragrance mixes fruity essences and evolved scents that reveal a slow maturation, foreshadowing the silky pleasure that embraces the palate.


At Cipriani, we have added to our product family, a sparkling rosè specifically crafted to make any occasion as unique as possible.

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